Boerner Communications

Risk and Crisis Communications

Are you responsible for managing employees … stakeholders … if the “unthinkable” occurs, whether it is a man-made event, a pandemic, deliberately caused, or a natural disaster… are you now or will you be ready to respond – and effectively communicate?  As you address the issues and manage the critical event (or combination of events), will you be prepared to communicate to help people understand the situation?  To help you resolve the situation?  To lower the temperature to keep critical issues from spinning out of control and becoming a full-blown crisis? 

Those with experience in crisis communications and management of a critical event understand that there are two parts to resolving the crisis – the operational aspect (determining what happened/what went wrong, and what needs to be done) and the other half, what was or is being communicated.  Both halves must be managed and executed well to be able to move the organization forward and resolve the outstanding issues, to move to the recovery phase and assure the continuance of the enterprise.

In the aftermath of any critical or perhaps dire event that may occur in the future, are you ready now to meet the complex communication challenges that will be presented to your enterprise?  Whether your profile is corporate, not-for-profit, healthcare institution, NGO, college or university, transportation company, professional services, or other type of organization, the best of risk managers understand that it is not a matter of if – but when – a critical event or crisis may occur, and they work to put in place the necessary tools to effectively communicate with key stakeholders, internal and external.  This approach should be in real-time and continuous, so that managers and those in charge are always prepared to react and respond.

Boerner Communications and partner organizations can help you and your organization prepare for issue and crisis communication and when the time comes will be available to assist with vital communication whether the incident is human-caused, a pandemic, a natural disaster, an internal failure, or caused by intensifying scrutiny of government, media, shareholders, stakeholders, and other parties.  

Our team has years of experience in high-risk communication, risk and crises communication, and in dealing with public policy, preparing companies’ first responders and in personal health-related issues.

With our strategic partners, we provide resources for companies and organizations, including:

  • Intelligence gathering and situation monitoring, forecasting;
  • Risk Management (guidance, preparation, planning, exercises, foundational communication tools, preparation of key messages, training of responders;
  • Assuring Business Continuity;
  • Organizational and employee/workplace communications;
  • Customer and client communication;
  • Stakeholder relations and communication;
  • Development of collaterals and communication deliverables for all situations;
  • Identification of key media and social media contacts in advance;
  • Media Relations strategies and support when the critical event occurs.

Are you ready to communicate when risk rises, an issue goes public, a crisis event occurs? Really? We can help you.