Boerner Communications

Amy Gallagher
Vice President, Client Services

Amy Gallagher

Amy Gallagher is Vice President of Client Services at Boerner Communications, Inc.  She serves as project manager for all client-related activities.  Amy is expert in such areas as desktop publishing, graphics and design of Internet-based and interactive communications, and supervision of interactive communication programs for clients.  These projects include design and development of Web sites; design of Internet communications; security of Internet communications; and, training for Internet communications and online research. Among her responsibilities is the development and management of customized, proprietary marketing databases for client organizations in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors.

Amy’s portfolio of skills is utilized to design, create and manage communication and marketing outreach programs for clients, centered on on-line communications and database operations. Amy has designed grassroots, media, third party, stakeholder, activist, and government agency databases for client communication programs.

Previously, Amy was an Account Executive for Rowan & Blewitt Incorporated, a global issues and crisis management consulting organization serving multinationals and Fortune 100 clients in the United States and abroad.  She worked closely with clients in creating information management systems to help clients meet their needs; many were healthcare and medical sector leaders, such as Bayer, Abbott Labs, Pharmacia, Ciba, and Novartis.

Amy graduated Dowling College with a B.S. in Computer Science.  Amy holds advanced training certificates in HTML Scripting and Web Page Design and is expert in software applications, data structures, file processing, security, statistics and operations research.

While in college Amy participated in the Presidential Scholars scholarship program and contributed to the River Run Literary Magazine.

Amy has been associated with the team for over a decade.