Boerner Communications

Louis D. Coppola
Senior Vice President, Information Technology

Louis D. Coppola

Louis Coppola is Senior Vice President of Information Technology at Boerner Communications. He utilizes his extensive background in cutting-edge technology management (especially in computer and information sciences) to manage the company’s Web platforms, internal technology resources, and clients’ technology and Web-based platform needs. 

Louis provides technology support for client engagements by applying state-of-the-art information-gathering and distribution techniques and a range of technologies to help client organizations in the corporate, social and public sectors meet communication and information-distribution challenges.

Louis is expert at translating concepts related to current and merging technology to develop readily accessible tools for users. He plays the lead role in the research, recommendation and deployment of all technology solutions, including interactive Web platforms, content management systems, e-distribution, automated intelligence gathering, and other solutions to meet the "command and control" needs at Boerner Communications. He provides technical consultation and training to the firm's network of consulting organizations as well as staff of client organizations.

He is expert at organizing and implementing Internet-based research, distribution, and marketing projects.  Louis Coppola designs and maintains information management systems to enable clients to effectively manage and disseminate critical information to key audiences and constituencies. 

Prior to joining Boerner Communications, Louis Coppola worked as an Account Executive – Information Technology for Rowan & Blewitt, a global crisis management and issues management consulting firm under the corporate umbrella of Interpublic Group (IPG).  He was responsible for managing the technological implementation of the crisis and issues management strategy for many Fortune 500 clients of the firm.

Louis Coppola graduated with Honors from Molloy College with a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA). In recognition of high scholastic achievement, he was selected for membership in Sigma Beta Delta, an international honor society in Business, Management, and Administration. He received his undergraduate B.S. with a Major in Computer Information Systems and a Minor in Computer Science. While at Molloy, he worked as a Lab Assistant providing training and technical support to students, staff and faculty. He was responsible for maintaining important elements of Molloy College's local area network (LAN) and deployed software and hardware packages in Molloy's various computer labs.