Boerner Communications

Public Relations/Media Relations

Media exposure for your organization, its people and services / products can help to create positive perceptions of your organization in the competitive marketplace. Boerner Communications staff works closely with editors, journalists, producers and digital platform managers at major and specialized media -- newspapers, magazines, radio, television stations, cable outlets, community-based media, and other channels and outlets to place stories and respond to editors needs.

We maintain proprietary databases of key media contacts in a range of categories. Boerner Communications also utilizes state-of-the-art technology to communicate with media.

Public Relations Services

·  complete press relations programs 

·  special events  coordination (such as news conferences)

·  writing, editing, production of media information packages 

·  creation, production, distribution of VNRs, ANRs and DVDs

·  arranging media tours and media campaigns 

·  direct contact with key journalists 

·  media support for trade show coordination/creative services

·  media support for important presentations (speeches, workshops, conferences, etc.)