Boerner Communications

Fine Arts - Interior Design

The “right setting” can make all the difference in the world!  Think about the facilities you have visited, the events that you have attended…and the settings that made the difference between an ordinary and a memorable or even spectacular day or evening or conference event.

Boerner Communications helps clients leverage the appeal and display power of the fine arts, furnishings, furniture, facilities, and more with tasteful suggestions and implementation and execution.

Our design consultant has such credits to refer her work as the selection of fine arts for The Greenwich Hotel in the TriBeca section of New York City; the property is owned by the well-known actor Robert DeNiro.  The works of art are displayed through the hotel, which is patronized by high-wealth individuals and celebrities.

Let us add the fine arts touch to your event, or campaign, or positioning and marketing of your services and products.

Consultant profile:  Jenna L. Pizzigati